Ever since I could form comprehensible thoughts, I have been a storyteller. I am extremely fortunate to have parents that fostered and believed in the potential of my wildly imaginative mind. When I wasn’t turning the closet under the stairs into a spaceship, or the blue living room carpet into hot lava, I was drawing. People, aliens, and monsters (lots of monsters) covered every blank surface I could reach, including homework and walls.

As a kid I discovered that photography fed my creativity when drawing couldn't. It's expressive, relatable, and instant. It's an exact moment that would have otherwise been lost. I felt an obligation to encapsulate memories, statements and stories in a moving world, and eventually found myself pursuing a photography education.  

My path as a commercial and event photographer has connected me to amazing people. I live for every moment I am able to help a client build a brand, document an event or bring a vision to life. Every brand has it's own unique story that sets them apart, and I truly believe in sharing that as a visual expression. My mission is to tell it the right way, the first time, and to keep the process as easy as possible. I also occasionally bring banana bread to shoots (and not to brag but it's really good). I currently (and happily!) reside and work in Los Angeles.

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